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Don’t buy a new computer: your old one is just fine.

Story by Lois Einhorn

Many feel Shocked when they find this out…

Is your computer slow? Don’t bother calling for repair or buying a new computer.  The information on this page is saving consumers thousands of dollars. (READ BELOW)

I’ll start of with some shocking information, your computer is designed to fail. Yes, it can be disturbing to hear the truth so directly. Many are upset when they hear this. But the harsh truth is that PC companies and software developers need users to buy new computers year after year. Roughly a year ago we learned iPhone maker Apple finally admit that they were making the older iPhones slower. It safe to assume that by making the older version slower Apple sells many more new iPhones. It’s no surprise that they are one of the most profitable companies on earth.

So what about the computer makers? Aren’t they in the same cold hard business of making money by “Updating” new computers

In this article, we are going to uncover how you can have your computer last much longer than you could ever imagine and save a lot of money!

Is my computer really slow because it’s old and ineffective? Can this be fixed? Will buying a new computer resolve these issues?

These are all common questions that run through our heads as we sit and wait for our computer to start up, which feels like an eternity sometimes. But consumers are getting smarter, and a team of incredible developers have created an easy-to-use program that resolves all these issues. Today there is software on the market that automatically updates the windows drivers instead of having to buy an new computer. If that isn’t amazing enough, it also boosts your start up speed and frees up the disk space.

After using the tool, many consumers are reporting that their computer is running faster than ever. One person said, “it’s literally like a Turbo Booster for your computer. I couldn’t believe the difference”.

The special developers behind this tool want to share it with as many people as they possibly can, so they’re giving away a free scan until . You can grab your own free copy by clicking here.

Head developer Dylan Johnson says “Once we give the product to as many users as possible, the scan results speak for themselves. And they are. The product is already selling itself. Happy users are telling their friends and family members about the free scan. Many people are so relieved they don’t have to buy a new computer. The product is going viral.”

Johnson continues, “Honestly, it’s an easy decision. The tool makes all the sense in the world. People love it. They love how fast it works, and they love that they’re saving hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars over time on a new PC. It’s super easy to use. And they especially love that they’re outsmarting the market. Once users see the tool and the results for themselves, they share it with everyone. The product is already promoting itself, because we have created a tool that helps with a problem that millions of people deal with every day.”

So far, thousands of readers have downloaded the software and the developers are receiving an outpouring of positive responses and gratitude. One user told us, “It used to take an eternity to start up my computer. But after I scanned my machine and saw all the available driver updates, my computer loads in seconds. Now I wouldn’t even consider buying a new machine. It is seriously a crazy difference.”

So is the computer industry running a scheme to try and force as many new computer sales as possible, year over year? We don’t actually know. And of course, they would never confirm that. But what we do know is that before you spend money trying to get your computer fixed, or even close to a thousand on a new one dollars buying a new one, you should download Driver Update PRO and try it for yourself.

Important: With the exception of hardcore gamers, or computer users who use a lot of resources and tons of programs at once, a computer that was built around 6 or 7 years ago should be able to run as fast as a 2019 system. Word processing, web browsing, and other basic functions don’t require a lot of power.

Here’s what you need to know:

The response speaks for itself. More and more consumers are using Driver Update PRO to attempt to fix their PC instead of spending $150-$250/hour for PC repair or possibly $1,000 to buy a new computer. You can download the diagnostic tool for free by clicking here.

Program developers recommend that you keep the software on your computer and run a scan at least every 30 days, if not more frequently, to maintain an improved performance. Many consumers experience their best speed when they run the program around once per week.

Our recommendation - even if you don’t think you need it, grab a free copy from Driver Update PRO while they’re still offering the free analysis, try the full scan and decide for yourself– it will show you any issues that may be slowing your computer down. Once they’re fixed you may be amazed at just how fast your old computer really can be. Click here to download Driver Update PRO while they’re still offering the free analysis tool – the promotion ends on . It’s a hot deal, so steal it while you still can.

You Won’t Believe how Fast and Clean your PC will run!

Disclaimer: this free download and scan offer will expire after .




  • CNET claims the Top 5 Computers had an average cost of over $1,200.00 Dollars for 2015.

  • ZDNET magazine reports the real reason behind the current sales plunge is PC’s is due to them lasting longer and better software being made available to the consumer.

  • PC World reports on their magazine, “You can hold onto your PC five, six, seven years with no problem...”

  • Pareto Logic (a Microsoft Gold Partner) claims the #1 reason a computer becomes slow is due to registry issues which can be easily fixed with the right software.

  • Microsoft reports on their website, “....there are lots of ways to help speed up Windows and make your PC work better—even without upgrading your hardware.”